The Michael Jackson Tour

We rented our camper van from Wicked Campers in Santiago and will be taking five weeks to drive it south to Punta Arenas. We rented a three-person van because we’ll have a friend joining us for part of the trip, but also because we wanted a little more space and this version has a kitchen so we can save on our food budget.

The Exterior 

Just in case you missed it from previous posts, we have a one-of-a- kind paint job on our van. We’ve seen a few other Wicked Campers on the road and ours is my favorite so far. It was previously painted with Justin Bieber which turned out to be an unpopular decision (thank goodness!).

The Van Itself

The van is a rear-wheel drive Mitsubishi L300 with a single split bench seat in the front. The bits and bobs of the engine are under the front seat and easily accessed for our frequent checks of fluid levels before long drives. When the seats are down, this area also serves as a sitting room or foyer.

The Dining Room

The main area of the van has three large storage compartments which serve as the bases for the various interior conversions. One such conversion includes a table with a bench on either side, although most of our dining has been al fresco at picnic tables or by using the folding chairs and table included with the van.

The Bedroom

With a few switcheroos, the main area of the van can be converted into one large platform for sleeping. There are also front and rear curtains to hang for a little extra privacy. Although this is a three-person model, we’re pretty content and cozy enough with just the two of us.

The Kitchen

The rear section of the van has a kitchen setup complete with a camp stove, cooler, dishes and utensils, pots and pans, a hand-pump faucet at the sink, a pull-out countertop, and a table and chairs for al fresco dining. We quickly discovered the need to be strategic in how we store the kitchen ware in order to minimize the amount of noise when driving over potholes and/or on gravel roads.

So far the van has been serving us well and we’re learning ways to be more organized and efficient, especially with meal prep. Wicked Campers has been easy to work with and (as of yet) has not surprised us with any unexpected fees. Their website is also thorough and informative, and they’ve provided us with all the necessary paperwork for driving the vehicle back and forth between Chile and Argentina which would have otherwise been a stressful hassle.



  1. Leslie Moore · January 20, 2017

    thank you for the pics of the van – did the dashing Brit write some of this post? the bits and bobs . . . .
    -another cousin Leslie


    • Erin · January 20, 2017

      Haha, nice catch. It was still me writing, but apparently he’s rubbing off on me.


    • John · January 20, 2017

      I was thinking the same thing. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. big sis · January 20, 2017

    Love seeing/reading about the logistics stuff like this! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. US Dad · January 20, 2017

    Any ideas for changes to the nana van?
    We were just talking about doing a graphic wrap for your birthday.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Kim · January 22, 2017

    Apparently I am related to your “Other” cousin since we think alike. My first thought as I read your blog. Lol
    Love following along on your adventure.

    Liked by 2 people

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