Hiking and Camping near San Carlos de Bariloche

For the past couple days we’ve been camping at Los Coihues, a short drive from San Carlos de Bariloche (or just “Bariloche” for short). We managed to camp next to a nice couple from Winthrop, Washington, who are doing a similar route to us, although in reverse, and are even on the same time frame (they arrived a week before us and will be departing a week before us). They are traveling primarily by bus so they don’t have a stellar camper van to show off, but so far we have seen two other Wicked Campers on the road. One was a Bob Marley/marijuana theme, the other one we passed too quickly to process what was happening with its paint job.

On Wednesday we went on a short hike up to Cerro Campanario to stretch our legs and take in the views of several surrounding lakes and mountains. We also went for a drive around a nearby loop road to continue sightseeing from several viewpoints along the way.

View from a lookout on Cerro Campanario

View from a lookout on Cerro Campanario

Today we hiked from our campsite up to Refugio Emilio Frey, which is an alpine hut in the mountains southwest of Bariloche. While it was less than 3000 feet of elevation gain, it ended up being a 15-ish mile trek and surely tested our feet and legs as we haven’t been as active with hiking lately. It was a good test for future hikes we are planning although I’m fairly certain we’ll both be sore tomorrow….and the next day.
Below are a selection of pictures from our hike today, for which Alastair gets full credit (really, he gets credit for a lot of the pictures I’ve been posting). I’ve somehow managed to leave out his pictures of rock climbing routes and of the rock climbers we watched while resting at the refugio. Hmm, weird.

A bee enjoying a thistle on our way down from the refugio.

Foreground flowers with jagged peaks behind.

Clouds continued to roll by while we were at the refugio which made for some interesting views of the jagged peaks slowly disappearing then reappearing.

Laguna Tonchek and the surrounding peaks, view from Refugio Emilio Frey.

We’ll spend another day or two in the same area, then pack up and continue south toward El Bolsón.



  1. tim2morrow · January 19, 2017

    I just finished catching up on all of your entries. So far this trip seems right up your alley! Even MJ, in a weird kind of way. I’m certainly envious of the temperature. We just did our Leavenworth ski trip and everything east of the pass never got above freezing. When we arrived at Stevens Pass for skiing on Sunday the temperature readout on the truck said 1F (that’s -17C for the Brit). Dionnea got a stomach bug on Sunday evening and promptly infected Derek, Quan and Jackie. Luckily the kids have avoided the plague. In job news, I made it past the video screen and did my phone screen today which went fine. I’m one of 17 at the moment but that narrows to six for next week. Two more rounds of interviews, I think.

    Tomorrow is inauguration day. I could go for being in another country right about now!

    I love the updates, and the pictures (but no rock climbing wtf?). Be safe.


    • Erin · January 19, 2017

      Thank you for the update, I appreciate it! I thoroughly enjoy having a two-way street for catching up.


  2. bendur · January 20, 2017

    Those peaks are something else! So jagged and gnarly. Great pics, as always.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. big sis · January 20, 2017

    Yeah plants! That’s an awesome looking landscape.

    Liked by 1 person

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