Adna to Santiago: Part 2

After a 3:20 am wake-up call on Thursday morning, we made our way to Santiago via a 6.5-hour layover in Dallas. Thankfully the airport is quite large so we could do some wandering to help pass the time. All parts of the journey were uneventful and we arrived safely in Santiago this (Friday) morning.

A chilly morning required stopping to get the wings de-iced before flying out from Vancouver.

Sunrise over Wyoming.

We are taking it easy today, just resting up and getting settled in to our Airbnb apartment where we will be staying until Monday. The skies are a bit hazy which prevents a clear view of the nearby mountain ranges, but the afternoon temperatures should be in the mid 80s which is a welcome change from the freezing temperatures back home (Dad informed me that it was 12 degrees this morning, yikes!).

View of the Basilica de la Merced from our apartment, with Cerro Santa Lucia in the background and the nearest mountain range hiding in the haze.

Hopefully we’ll have a restful evening tonight and then have plenty of energy tomorrow for exploring the city and enjoying some local cuisine. Oh, and people-watching.

P.S. Alastair is currently wondering where all the alpacas are.



  1. Carole · January 6, 2017

    I am envious already,
    from Carole in frosty Fleet.


  2. big sis · January 6, 2017

    Love the architecture. Excited to hear about the food!


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