Adna to Santiago: Part 1

Our trip officially started this morning with an early morning drive to Seattle (thank you, Dad!) so we could catch a bus up to Vancouver, BC. We fly out of Vancouver tomorrow morning and should arrive in Santiago (via a layover in Dallas) on Friday. 

It didn’t take long to have an entertaining interaction with the general public. While waiting for our bus we went into a nearby Starbucks, primarily to retreat from the 30-degree weather. A customer inside noticed our backpacks and asked where we were headed. Following my answer, he replied by saying he was heading to Italy soon. He then proceeded to tell me his mother had passed away last month and the trip is for her funeral. Apparently they’re keeping her “on ice” until all of the family can get together. His moment of grief seemed to pass quickly when he smiled and said he would “find out what I get” after the funeral (which I’m assuming means his inheritance). Hopefully our trip is more uplifting than that guy’s.

It’s a strange feeling to have been planning this trip for so long yet still have it sneak up on us. We know there will be some bumps along the way, but we’re definitely looking forward to what’s ahead.

For the moment, I think we’re both still trying to process the fact that we currently don’t have jobs or a home. Thankfully we have some stellar family and friends willing to help us out along the way and make sure we’re able to stay connected to what’s going on back home.



  1. jackiemorrow · January 4, 2017

    Ahhhh!!!!!! So exciting!! Love that you’ve started this blog. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures and living vicariously through you! Safe travels!


  2. Big sis · January 4, 2017

    Woo hoo! So excited for you two and happy to read along as you go. Glad you got off to an entertaining albeit weird start. Have a great time on this first leg!


  3. Patricia Six · January 4, 2017

    Safe travels!


  4. Kim · January 4, 2017

    Safe journey, Cousins! Can’t wait for you to share your adventures!


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